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Brookdale’s Dreamers+ club is supporting NAKASEC’s 100 Days Campaign in support of Citizenship for All. “Live Right, Live Strong, Know Your Roots and Live Together” are the founding values for NAKASEC, an organization dedicated to transforming cultures, power relationships, systems and policies in the United States.

“We plan to hang craft butterflies on the fence surrounding the White House … to illustrate the beauty and intrinsic nature of migration,” NAKASEC said.

“Butterflies symbolize the freedom of movement. Every year monarch butterflies depart on a more than thousand-mile journey from North America to Mexico. They migrate free of passports, visas and checkpoints. Humans have always been migratory beings, traveling to improve their quality of life. Recent immigration restrictions within nation-states have presented obstacles to migration,” said Professor Ashley Zampogna-Krug, Ph.D., assistant professor, department of history and faculty adviser for Dreamers+ Club.

“The campaign is designed to create the urgency and pressure necessary to hold our elected officials accountable to our immigrant communities to win a pathway to citizenship for all,” said Brookdale student Yaritza Ortega.

More information about NAKASEC’s 100 Days Campaign in Support of Citizenship for All is available at

To join Dreamers+ or for questions about designing a butterfly, contact Dreamers + at


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