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Watercolor Leaves
Un poème d’automne


The raining of the leaves

Signifies Fall

Like every little dream

That I once had

In youth

A blossoming of dirt

That’s true

Spring will come to pass

And I will find myself ecstatic

Once the winter tempers me

But first it’s Fall



The changing of the season

From the warm

The waters no longer for beach

Instead, skate on

Soon enough

We will find ourselves, stand tall

Walking on a path of cobbled leaves

And the cold can be a bit provoking, see

As all you may see

Falls from tree to tree.



The raining of the leaves

Fertilized ground

The ground beneath our feet

Was lost then found

Hallowed as the fog

Barren by the heat

Barren by the never-ending winds

And soon its fall

Will be met with a rebirth’s call

But not before meeting its




The season of the hand passing over

The season of thanksgiving and the lord’s return

Rejoicing in between two worlds

Life and death, they find

A way

To dance on.

-Gillian Omotoso @shyextroversion

Watercolor Leaves
Watercolor Leaves
Watercolor Leaves
Watercolor Leaves
Watercolor Leaves
Watercolor Leaves
Watercolor Leaves
Watercolor Leaves
Watercolor Leaves
Shiny Stars

Earthlings Awaiting

This earth

Is waiting for us to revolt

This earth

Looking for us to ensnare it

With our hopes and dreams

And everyday plots

For sweet, sweet victory.

This earth,

A small plot of land

In the cosmos of black heat

Unchained from the tethers

Of lifelessness and death

For a millions-long moment

In its austere atmosphere.

We know its globe,

We know its gold.

We know its guild,

One of commanders and beggars

And choosers and explorers

And faithful pioneers.

Your light is so strong,

Even if it’s reflective,

Inspired by the dust from which it came.

Safe in your membrane,

Safe on your sphere.

When it all resurrects,

Your soul will sing us in beckoning

Back to our creator.

He lives in you.

-Gillian Omotoso @shyextroversion

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