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Visit CHANGE.ORG to Sign the Petition: Dangers of Outdoor Balloons in New Jersey

According to Clean Ocean Action, a non-profit organization in Long Branch, New Jersey, that aims to protect the ocean, outdoor balloons harm the environment and marine wildlife.

You may love balloons, but they are lethal to the environment. Do you understand the dangers of outdoor balloons in New Jersey?

When balloons are released, the winds carry them from the sky onto land and sea, where marine animals such as whales, dolphins, seals, and turtles mistake them for food and ingest them. Balloons with ribbons and strings lead to entanglement, which causes death. According to the Environmental Nature Center, 70,055 balloons were found on coasts and waterways in 40 days, and balloons have become the most common form of debris over the past five years.

The Brookdale community has an important role to play in protecting the environment from outdoor balloon pollution. We can adopt environmentally -friendly alternatives to balloon releases noted on the Balloons Blow...Don’t Let Them Go website, including bubbles, origami whales, floating flowers, pinwheels, and kites.

We can also sign Clean Ocean Action’s Petition to Support a Ban on Outdoor Balloon Releases in New Jersey to Protect Wildlife located on This Signing this petition is a simple action we can take that will have to have a major impact on the environment.

We Brookdalians are dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability. We only have one planet, so it is important that we must protect it from unnecessary harm.

To learn more about the dangers of outdoor balloons in New Jersey and safe alternatives, visit the Environmental Nature Center and

Please sign the petition at


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